Simon Bridges pranks customers at supermarket checkout

  • 04/10/2018

Simon Bridges has tried his hand at working at a supermarket checkout.

After a bad week in the Beehive, the National Party leader appeared on Three's Jono and Ben to have a go at their long-running 'Next Actor' segment.

Mr Bridges donned a Countdown uniform and a headset, through which he received orders from mischievous hosts Jono and Ben.

They instructed him to take a customer's phone and speak to her son, whom he asked: "Do you party vote National?"

He was also ordered to scan items using only his mouth, drink customers' milk and replace gift cards with National Party pamphlets.

"He kind of looks like you," one customer remarked as she looked at the pamphlet bearing a photo of Mr Bridges.

"I've got better hair," he replied.

One woman who approached his checkout knew exactly who he was, and didn't look happy about being served by the politician.

In an effort to win her over, Mr Bridges tried to give back her GST in the form of 10c coins.

"Because I like you, I'm going to give you all your tax back on this stuff because you're paying far too much tax at the moment."

However, she was unimpressed by his gesture.

"You're never going to get me to come over to your side," she told a visibly hurt Mr Bridges. "I pay my taxes, Simon."

When confronted with a leek (the vegetable kind), Mr Bridges said he "doesn't know anything about them" and quickly bagged it.

He's been dogged by the leak of his travel expenses for weeks, and an investigation into who leaked the documents was recently widened beyond Parliament.