The Bachelor Australia 2018 finale: Nick explains shock decision

The Bachelor Australia 2018 finale: Nick explains shock decision
Photo credit: Network Ten

Nick 'Honey badger' Cummins has shed more light on his shock decision to dump every single contestant on this year's The Bachelor Australia, insisting it was the right thing to do for everyone.

The former Wallabies star broke up with both finalists, Brittany and Sophie, in the season's grand finale, meaning the show has no winner.

Nick was interviewed by Lisa Wilkinson on Australian TV show The Sunday Project, where he said he dumped the women "out of respect".

"It hit me with a thunderbolt... if I can't stand here right now and say, 'I'm picking her, and I love her', why would I start something with someone?" Nick said.

"Why would I go in and start something that has a high potential of breaking her heart three months down the track."

He said he went into the show thinking he was ready to start a serious relationship with someone, but his idea of what he wanted changed during the series.

Wilkinson also interviewed contestants Brittany, Sophie, Cass and Brooke.

"The fact that he couldn't see enough in one girl out of 28, it just shocks us... I would hope he's a little embarrassed," Sophie said of Nick.

"We just went through so many highs and so many lows. I'm sure he did too, but I just hope there's something in him that's a little unhappy or uneasy with his ultimate decision. Because God knows we have been through hell and back on this ride."

"You don't go to an all-you-can-eat buffet when you've just had lunch," said Brittany.

Wilkinson suggested to Nick that he was most attracted to Brooke in the show, to which he replied: "Yeah, the eyes don't lie". However, he suggested they didn't end up together because their "life paths" didn't match up.

"I can leave it there... it is what it is," he said.

Brooke said she felt going on the show was a waste of time.

"I opened my heart, I opened my family's heart to him," she said.

"It still hurts, to be honest. Being so raw - my whole life has been exposed. Not just my love life, my family life. I feel super raw."

Brooke says she is not in love with him anymore and that "the relationship ended when it ended".

However the contestants feel about Nick, he holds no hard feelings.

"To all the girls - we all went through a lot of stuff," he said.

"I just want you all to know that if ever seen you again I'll buy you a drink and say hello for old time's sake."

The Bachelor Australia screens in New Zealand on Bravo and is viewable on ThreeNow.