The Bachelor Australia: Brittany's dad grills Nick in extremely tense meeting

In the latest episode of The Bachelor Australia, Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins faced a fierce grilling from the father of Brittany Hockley, one of the last remaining contestants.

The former Wallabies star came face-to-face with the families of the final four women competing for his affections on the show and things got very tense.

Brittany and Nick were both born in Port Macquarie, where they returned to dine and talk her family.

"I don't know you ... I'd never heard your name," Brittany's dad Tony told Nick after pulling him aside for a private chat.

"I heard that you're a rugby player, and I thought 'oh well, that's not such a good thing'. I don't have a great deal of respect for football players, in terms of their relationship with women."

Nick later told producers Tony "put the wind up me".

"He's got a strong idea about rugby players and their reputations, he's questioned my motivations - he's not holding back."

Looking taken aback, Nick told Tony he was in a "strange situation... there is four girls."

"I'm acutely aware of that," Tony replied.

"That's all well and good. But I'm not particularly worried about those other people. I've got my daughter to worry about. She's my primary concern. If you break her heart, I'm going to be the one to pick up the pieces."

Tony told Nick of a "scumbag" who previously broke Brittany's heart, who he would do "physical harm, given the opportunity".

Nick assured him the last thing he wants to do is hurt anyone's feelings - especially Brittany's.

"That's not my intention, I'm not that sort of bloke," he said.

"It actually pains me to think about it."

At the end of the episode, Brittany was awarded a rose - advancing to the final three alongside Sophie and Brooke.

The Bachelor Australia screens in New Zealand on Bravo at 8:30pm every Tuesday and Wednesday. It can also be viewed on ThreeNow.