Video of vicious G-Rod beating amid Eminem-Machine Gun Kelly feud released

Surveillance footage of what appears to be a brutal physical assault in the ongoing feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has been released.

The video has been published on TMZ, and is said to show members of MGK's crew violently attacking actor Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez shortly after he confronted the rapper in a restaurant.

Eminem and MGK have been engaged in back-and-forth diss tracks over a disagreement that's said to have started in 2012, when the younger rapper said the older's then 16-year-old daughter Hailie was "hot as f**k".

G-Rod, who starred in popular Netflix show Ozark, uploaded video of his coming face-to-face with MGK in an Atlanta bar last month and calling him a "p***y for going for family".

The new surveillance video is said to show G-Rod facing off with some of MGK's associates - including his drummer R00K - when a man described as his "primary security guard" runs up behind, lifts G-Rod up and throws him to the floor.

Four of the alleged MGK associates then punch and kick G-Rod while he's on the floor as another looks on, before pulling some of the assailants away.

Warning: Embedded video contains offensive language.

G-Rod has since posted multiple videos about the incident, showcasing his facial injuries and offering to drop legal action over the attack if MGK agrees to fight him in an MMA match.

MGK has not agreed.

G-Rod issued a statement published on TMZ in response to the surveillance footage: "Real f**king manly of this BITCH! Tell him I'll take him plus one of his goons to get him to my weight class! And I'll drop all charges! MGP***Y."

A criminal investigation into the incident is reportedly still pending.