'Where are we at as a society?' - Ryan Bridge responds to nasty feedback on The AM Show hosting

Acting AM Show host Ryan Bridge has revealed the mean feedback he received on social media while filling in for Duncan Garner.

Bridge, who regularly hosts RadioLIVE's drive show, has shared his opinions throughout the week, and it appears not all viewers are pleased with it.

"Wow where are we as a society? One day I was a communist, Marxist idiot, the next I was a selfish, right-wing tyrant," Bridge said.

"One guy said I looked like I'd been hit with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome then smacked in the face with an ugly shovel."

Bridge said it was unfortunate people opted to lash out at him over disagreement, rather than trying to debate or change his mind.

"But at the end of the day I'm just some nobody on the radio or the telly who has an opinion like everybody else," he said.

"It shouldn't be taken too seriously. It should be taken at face value and challenged. Tell me I'm wrong, tell me why, debate the issue. It's important we do that."

Thankfully he doesn't take it too seriously though and he hasn't taken the rude comments to heart. He said instead of getting defensive people should consider keeping an open mind on the internet.

"I don't take anything online seriously, it's a place where you can share ideas and learn something new challenge yourself and shape your views, so long as your mind is open to that," he said.

"We should all have open minds when it comes to this stuff. Signed, the ugly, confused, right-wing communist, with a shovel shaped bruise on my cheek."