Abby Lee Miller returns to Dance Moms, posts bizarre wheelchair photo amid cancer treatment

Reality TV star Abby Lee Miller has told fans she's "back to the daily grind" while shooting a new season of Dance Moms but has left followers baffled by her social media posts.

The 52-year-old has been out of action since quitting the popular dance show last year, before going to jail for bankruptcy fraud and being diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Now, Miller is sharing photos from the set of Dance Moms' upcoming eighth season, wheel-chair bound and sporting a wig due to the hair loss she experienced from chemotherapy.

In one of the images, the 52-year-old is lying back in her wheelchair smiling, her legs in the air as a team of assistants hold her ankles and appear to be aiming a cell phone camera up her skirt.

"I think this dancer is finished making QUICK CHANGES from one costume to another!" Miller captioned the photo.

"Thanks to all for a great day of work!"

Earlier this year, Miller was reportedly told that she may never walk again, but vowed to beat her "bleak" prognosis.

Fans took to the comments section on her latest Instagram post in droves, many struggling to understand the strange scenario being depicted.

"What the hell is going on?" one comment read.

"Is she giving birth?" asked another.

Meanwhile, many of Miller's fans rushed to her defence, slamming other commenters for their reactions.

"The people coming on her to shame her or hate on her just need to unfollow, because they're just judgemental hateful turds!" one user said.

In October, the Dance Moms star celebrated the beginning of her last round of chemotherapy from her hospital bed, writing "Hallelujah! Nine down, one to go!"