Bam Margera's iconic Pennsylvania 'Bam Castle' available soon on Airbnb

Bam Margera, wife Nicole Boyd and son Phoenix Wolf.
Bam Margera, wife Nicole Boyd and son Phoenix Wolf. Photo credit: Instagram - @bam__margera

Jackass star Bam Margera's iconic 'Bam Castle' will soon be available on Airbnb.

The American professional skateboarder and stunt performer's home will be available to rent out in the countryside of West Chester Pennsylvania.

Featuring on the show Viva La Bam which ran for five seasons on MTV, exclusive photos of the renovated property.

Another star of the show, April Margera, AKA Bam's mother, has been busy renovating the house since April this year in preparation for the next American summer.

The house measures 390 square metres, has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and was purchased in 2004 for US$1.2 million.

As seen in the TV show, the house now has an indoor skate park, a swimming pool and a band practise area.

Bam and his wife Nicole Boyd moved out of the house earlier this year in time for the arrival of their son Phoenix Wolf.

Speaking to The Inquirer, April Margera said that people have always wanted to come to Bam's house so they decided to put it up.

"It's not going to look like the show set, but there are a lot of amenities there that people might be interested in in this area."

In 2004, Bam dedicated an episode of his show to moving into the "castle".