Caitlyn Jenner's house just barely missed by California wildfires - report

  • 11/11/2018

Caitlyn Jenner's house has just barely missed burning down in wildfires burning across California.

Pictures show the 3500 square foot home, which was featured in the TV show, I Am Cait, surrounded by scorched earth from the Woolsey fire, enner's home burns down in California's wildfires - report

Jenner purchased the home in 2015 for US$3.58 million. It is equipped with indoor fireplaces, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool and spa.

Last year the building's roof needed repairs after it was torn off by high winds.

Jenner evacuated from the wildfires and posted on social media to say she was safe but did not know if her house would survive.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have also been forced to evacuate. Khloe Kardashian noting she took barely any of her own belongings, but basically all of her baby's.

"I just left with the clothes on my back but I think I packed True's entire bedroom and closet into my car, obviously she's all that matters to me," she wrote.