Duncan Garner confronts backlash to 'pervy' David Beckham photo

The AM Show host Duncan Garner is attacking the "mindless screamers" outraged over a photo of David Beckham kissing his daughter on the lips.

The photo was posted to Instagram, where some of Beckham's 52.2 million followers appeared to take issue with the father-daughter selfie, labelling it "inappropriate".

"I don't care what anyone says - if a dad kisses a child on the lips it's completely wrong," one commenter wrote.

"Not on lips. Cheeks is OK," said another.

Their response has infuriated Garner, who calls the complainers "narrow-minded stirrers looking for trouble where it simply doesn't exist".

"It's entirely natural and there's nothing to see here, jog on. But no, the online nutjobs find meaning in it that doesn't exist, saying it's pervy," he says.

"Not everything has a sinister tone. I kiss my eight-year-old boy on the lips now and then. We've always done this. He does it to his mum and his sisters as well.

"Yes we still head outside and wrestle and take each other on and out in the most physical way possible in the backyard. It's called parenting and it's called a parent's love."

Garner says the backlash to Beckham's photo is evidence 2018 is "the year of the complete overreaction" and we should "turn our backs on these screamers".

"They find what they think is international outrage and scream and wail like a pig until the masses of sensitive wee sausages hear the call to arms and come screaming to their own online party," he exclaims.

"These mindless screamers, they get far too much time. We pay them too much attention and notice. We validate them, we have boosted them - they are merely one loner in a sad, dark room."