Jeff Goldblum describes taking acid, mescaline

Jeff Goldblum on drugs
Jeff Goldblum has candidly described taking acid and mescaline. Photo credit: Pitchfork / Newshub.

Jeff Goldblum has opened up about his experiences taking psychedelic drugs, happily remembering getting "pathetically high" in the early '70s.

The Jurassic Park star is the latest celebrity to take part in Pitchfork's Over / Under interview series, where he candidly spoke about his tripping experiences.

"In 1971, I took mescaline three times. I had a grand time on that," he says in the video.

He recounts watching Fellini Satyricon and Yellow Submarine on the plant-derived hallucinogenic, smiling as he says: "I was into it, it was a good experience."

Goldblum says he only took LSD one time, while with some friends in a Brooklyn apartment, also in 1971.

"They were playing the Rolling Stones album Let It Bleed. I was playing a big conga drum," the Independence Day star recounts.

"I thought, 'This is nothing, maybe nothing happens'. By the end of that song..."

Goldblum rolls his eyes and waves his hands to illustrate how he felt at the time.

"I was not like I was on the mescaline. I'd forgotten that there had been a substance of some kind, everything was just now different," he says.

"I was high, I guess - I was very high. Kind of pathetically high."

Emphasising just how much of an effect the acid had on him, Goldblum recounts someone handing him a slice of pizza - which he watched for a while in his hand before dropping it on the floor of the apartment.

He says since those examples of "youthful adventuresomeness", he is "strictly" drug free.

"But, y'know, I'm not giving any advice - do whatever you want."

Elsewhere in the video, Goldblum comments on the problem of attractive cousins, rates hot tubs and advises fans not to watch Jurassic Park while high on acid themselves.