Jesse Mulligan: 'Don't call me crazy for having four kids'

  • 26/11/2018

Jesse Mulligan has some exciting news: he and his wife are expecting their fourth child.

He broke the news in Monday night's episode of Three's The Project - and before you make a comment about how many kids he has, the host has something to say.

"If someone tells you they're going to have four children, the correct answer is 'Oh that's great'," he said, with a side-long look at co-host Kanoa Lloyd.

"The correct answer is not 'You're insane, you're going to be so busy'. By the time you tell people, you already know how busy and insane you are."

Mulligan says he's well aware that four children is considered "a lot".

"To be honest, I only ever remember agreeing to one of them," he said. "But things happen and here we are, and I'm so, so excited."

He implored the audience to keep watching The Project and keep it on the air, so that he can stay at work in the evenings and miss bath time and bed time with four kids.

Guest host Patrick Gower told Mulligan that he is, in fact, insane, but Lloyd was full of congratulations.

"You've already got three incredible children - I just know this one is going to be a beautiful addition, and I'm very excited for you guys."

Finally Mulligan thought to mention his wife Victoria, who he admits is "partly involved in this".

"I love you and looking forward to the journey."