Jono and Ben reveal truth behind Taylor Swift Lime scooter prank

Jono and Ben have gotten the last laugh after pranking New Zealand with a Taylor Swift lookalike.

Last week, Swift was apparently spotted in Mission Bay riding an electric lime scooter with an unidentified man. An image of the pair was posted online, where it was quickly picked up by media.

But it turns out it was just a stunt set up by the mischievous pair in a final effort to "go viral one last time".

"Sucked in, everybody! This is our last prank before our show ends," they posted to YouTube, along with a behind-the-scenes clip.

After rounding up a blonde woman with a suspicious resemblance to Swift, Jono and Ben took to Auckland's waterfront to prank the public.

"With our TV show cancelled and Taylor Swift in town, we decided to we were going to go viral one last time," they say in their video.

They put 'Taylor' on a scooter and took photos of her then sent them out. They managed to take in several people, and the story was run on Stuff, NZME and The Spinoff.

Jono and Ben's fans have praised the pair for taking people in one last time.

"Hahaha on the news well that's New Zealanders alright," one person commented.

"We will remember Jono and Ben you two people at are the best," another said.