Jono and Ben's hilarious story behind giant Meghan Markle bouquet

Jono and Ben have explained the story behind Meghan Markle's massive bouquet which made headlines around the world.

After hearing that a rival Australian broadcaster had donated a large bouquet of flowers to the Duchess of Sussex , the comedy show hosts decided to one-up it by donating an even larger version.

The pair sent comedian Hayley Sproull along with the flowers to attempt to give it to the unsuspecting Duchess.

"I've been sent on this frivolous mission in the rain today by local TV idiots - slash my bosses - Jono and Ben," she told the camera.

But despite shouting loudly at Meghan, her gift was overlooked. Then she found another target - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - who agreed to take on the giant bouquet.

The bouquet was passed through the crowd to Ms Ardern, who visibly struggled under the weight.

"You almost crushed me!" she exclaimed as the crowd laughed.

The bouquet was last seen being carried off by two burly police officers.