Kiwi singer Helen Corry wants to open conversation about empowerment through music

A Kiwi singer who featured on some of New Zealand's biggest dance tunes has just released her own album.

Helen Corry didn't always have her sights set on making dance music. The singer was working on a folk album before she was approached by a DJ duo.

"It opened up this world for me of electronic sound. Of sounds that I heard in my head but couldn't play on a guitar or piano," she said.

From there she's gone on to create her own album, released just last week. Later for the Real Show is inspired by the last couple of years of her life.

"It's a collection of songs about my curiosities or challenges...quite often I write about a conversation I've had, or a difficult moment."

One of those moments was when she released her controversial music video 'La Femme', which was deemed inappropriate by Facebook and she was banned from the site.

"It made me realise that we still have such a long way to do around these conversations about sexual harassment and female empowerment."

Her music isn't what you might typically think pop and dance was all about.

"I think pop music can get a really bad rap around being trivial and I love to write in something political or something with a social agenda."

The singer says it's difficult to have 'real conversations' with people...because they're so busy. Her latest release End of the Night is about being the last one at a party - which changes all that.

"For the first time in a long time I had a wonderful conversation at the end of the night at a party because everyone was so relaxed and a little bit intoxicated and it was kind of amazing."

She's already focusing on a new album and is dedicated to having it done by the end of next year.