PlayStation 5 to be released in 2020 - report

Sony is planning to reveal the PlayStation 5 in 2019 ahead of releasing the console to market in 2020, according to reports.

The Japanese company recently confirmed it was not going to attend E3 next year for the first time in the expo's 24-year history.

That news came after Sony announced it was not hosting its annual PlayStation Experience (PSX) event this year, despite Xbox holding its rival event.

Based on the claims of Reddit user RuthenicCookie - who has previously leaked PlayStation information that turned out to be correct - Digital Trends and Screen Rant are running stories on the release of the next Sony console in 2020.

The rumour describes the PlayStation 5 as a "monster" with a Ryzen 8 core and says PlayStation's virtual reality system will be getting an upgrade too, as PSVR 2.

Sony's pulling out of E3 and not holding a PSX in 2018 could be seen as evidence that the company is focusing on the next console rather than new first-party games and peripherals for the current PlayStation 4.

Game developers are said to already be experimenting and creating games for the PlayStation 5.

RuthenicCookie claims the PS5 will have a brief, initial reveal in mid-2019, before a full reveal with comprehensive demonstrations at PSX 2019, which would take place in November or December.

The leaker says the console itself would then be released in mid-2020, with a price tag of US$500 (NZ$730).