Review: The Old Man & the Gun made my heart sing

If there is a more perfectly suited sign off from an extraordinary career - find it for me this instant.

Fifty years on, the Sundance Kid himself plays a 70-year-old bank robber and jail breaker.

Just brilliant.

The Old Man & the Gun in fact feels like filmmaker David Lowery's (Pete's Dragon / A Ghost Story) love letter to Robert Redford and the actor's rich tapestry of roles across a long and illustrious career.

Here, Redford plays the real-life character of Forrest Tucker.

Tucker robs banks, maybe with a gun, but mostly with his charm. He's done it all his life, sometimes working alone, sometimes with his mates. And when those mates are played by Tom Waits and Danny Glover, you just know you're in for a treat.

As life ticks by Tucker meets a new love (Sissy Spacek) and attracts the attention of world-weary cop John Hunt (Casey Affleck). As Hunt joins the many dots, the chase begins.

And honestly? It's hard to know who is having more fun - the cop or the robber. Either way I'd argue the most fun is had front and centre in the cinema, watching one of those rare gems which I quite simply find impossible to fault.

As if the twinkle in Redford's eye isn't reason enough to buy tickets immediately, there's Lowery's script and it's delectable dialogue and pace and the quirky soundtrack and '80s veneer. The list goes on and truth be told, every single moment of The Old Man & the Gun just made my heart sing.

Please go see it.

Five stars.