Suzy Cato talks 'totally awesome' new album as you've never seen her before

Children's TV icon Suzy Cato might be an unlikely rock star, but seeing her strut through Newshub's doors in a furry jacket, wearing dark sunglasses inside, you could be convinced otherwise.

She is, after all, the woman whose dulcet tones, multi-lingual greetings and jazzy hand gestures captured the hearts of a generation - and she's not done yet.

Prepare to feel old: Queen Suze has been in the business of placating screaming tots for a whopping 25 years, after carving out her place in Kiwi pop culture during the '90s. 

Now, having finally removed the last of her Dancing With The Stars body glitter, she's dropped The Totally Awesome Kiwi Kids Album in collaboration with a who's-who of children's tunes.

Anika Moa, the Funky Monkeys and Craig Smith - the man who brought the world the Wonkey Donkey book - are all teaming up with Suzy to fill some more tiny earholes with joy.

There'll also be a couple of original bangers in the mix from Suzy herself, including 'We're All Gonna Have Some Fun' and 'Sprinkle A Little Sunshine'.

I caught up with a whole new Suzy to find out a little more about her triumphant return to music.

Check out the video to see everyone's favourite Kiwi kid's performer like you've never seen her before.