Andy Serkis reprises Gollum to parody Theresa May's Brexit deal

Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis has fused his memorable Gollum character with Theresa May to parody her Brexit deal.

The three-minute YouTube video features the UK prime minister sitting in a darkened room at 10 Downing Street as an aide brings her a copy of the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

What ensues is a back-and-forth conversation May has with herself, modelled on the split personality of Gollum and Smeagol in Sir Peter Jackson's fantasy trilogy.

"We take back control - money, borders, laws - blue passports!" May's Gollum says.

"No, it hurts the people - makes them poorer," May's Smeagol replies.

Her Gollum becomes more irate as her Smeagol suggests a people's vote and claims everybody apart from her hates the deal she's worked out with the European Union.

Serkis captioned the clip: "We's in a nasty mess my precioussss, and there's only one way out. We wants it. We neeeeds it!"

The parody video was uploaded to YouTube days ahead of the UK's House of Commons voting on whether to accept May's Brexit deal, or reject it.

Last year, Serkis revived Gollum to read out tweets by Donald Trump on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.