Bianca Del Rio: The foul-mouthed drag queen healing the world with her jokes

Bianca Del Rio has a message for New Zealand - don't take life too seriously.

"Enjoy life because you're going to die," she says.

"Life is much better if you have a drink and a laugh, trust me. In that order."

The self-confessed foul-mouth drag queen with the bad make up and bad hair is set to bring her show 'It's a Jester Joke' to Aotearoa.

"I get to come back. It's been a year and a half and people get bored, so I can return like a rash and ruin people's lives - then come back in another year," she says.

But Del Rio herself is no joke.

Becoming officially the first drag queen with a solo show at Wembley Stadium, the RuPaul's Drag Race winner has slowly been taking over of the world.

"I haven't had that many people in one room for one night - how lucky can you get? Earlier in my career, I was in a bar with four people, on a Monday night - at 1am in the morning," she says. 

"By no means did I ever expect this global interest." 

From starring guest appearances and sold out shows to two Netflix movies, the drag superstar has gone from strength to strength since her appearance on Drag Race

"I sure thought I would be done at 40, but now I'm like ok I'm 43 and still walking in heels. But everything has an expiration date, so we'll see," she says.

"While I'm having a good time and while people are showing up, I'm grateful for all of it." 

Her show It's a Jester Joke has a universal message, and it's about not taking life too seriously. 

"Take the piss out of yourself before anyone takes the piss out of you," she says.

That's something Del Rio has become a master of doing. Her ability to bring a smile to people's faces and a chuckle into their lives is seamless. 

Del Rio wants her audience not to sweat the small stuff by turning tragedy, into comedy.

"We spend so much time complaining about everything," she says.

"In the end, you know, laugh now because you're going to die. You might as well have a good time." 

And that's something she's set to do in New Zealand. The clown in a gown is touching down next year for her show on March 3, 2019.


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