Bizarre trailer drops for Married At First Sight Australia 2019

Brace yourselves, the trailer for Married At First Sight Australia 2019 has arrived.

This time, the contestant's search for love appears more desperate than ever - not least because for some reason they're all trapped in a maze.

Like all good reality TV shows, the trailer begins with a dramatic drone shot of the sun rising over the mountains, which is relevant, because like, new beginnings and stuff.

We then see a beautiful bride, looking understandably confused as she emerges from behind one of the hedges in the giant maze she's stuck in.

Has she been wandering all night? Perhaps her whole life?

We can't be sure.

Hold on, there's heaps of brides in here! They appear, like us, to be unsure if this is the beginning of the rest of their lives, or the start of a slasher movie.

Not to worry though, there's bound to be a complete stranger waiting for you around one of these corners. Here's one of them, a dude called Sam Ball, who has been an extra on Home and Away!

Despite also modeling and taking heaps of selfies at the gym, Sam seems unfulfilled. "I'm looking for that missing piece of my life," he laments.

There's also a guy holding a cowboy hat, which is either kind of Magic Mike-y or a bit McLeod's Daughters-y but feels unnecessary. After all, Sam wasn't carrying his jar of protein powder.

Everyone keeps just missing each other, looking like a befuddled family of Sims who have had the ladder taken out of their pool.

Suddenly, a bride gets a glimpse her potential husband and gives chase - a fool-proof move in the romance game.

In fact, as a song from The Greatest Showman soundtrack reaches its crescendo, everyone breaks into a sprint. Impressive, given all those long veils and snug suits.

"I just can't find the one," one of the grooms groans. What about the exit? A public bathroom? Even just a vending machine?

Really though, it's all very dramatic, as the contestants scream around the maze like a bunch of crazed Pac Man ghosts.

But, as one of the brides reminds us in an emotional voiceover, "the clock is ticking."

Finally, Sam the Home and Away man and a mystery lady bump into each other, so phew. Smooth sailing from here on in, for sure.

As for the others, they may need to send up an emergency flare at this rate. God speed.

Married At First Sight Australia will air on Three next year.


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