Duncan Garner's touching tribute to departing RadioLIVE friends

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has a heartwarming message to his departing RadioLIVE colleagues - you will be missed.

"This is our last show of the year and this is the last time we will be on RadioLIVE, so thank you for your loyalty," he said on Friday morning.

"RadioLIVE is being sent into retirement early next year. The station RadioLIVE will actually no longer exist."

RadioLIVE will be merged with Magic to create the new Magic Talk and will launch on Saturday, January 19, 2019 with almost 90 percent talk radio across the week.

The AM Show and Newshub Live at 6PM will be broadcast on Magic Talk as they are on RadioLIVE. Magic Talk will also feature Rural Exchange, Home and Garden and The Ryan Bridge Drive Show. They will carry on the proud tradition of radio and talk hosts that RadioLIVE has had over the years.

"In its day RadioLIVE was a complete beast. Paul Henry, Michael Laws, Willie and JT - who ended up wanting to fight most of the callers they disagreed with out on the street. At one stage I went out there to make sure Willie wasn't in a fight. I think he might have been!" Garner said.

"Sean Plunket, a massive rock, a killer interviewer. Mitch Harris, Bill Ralston madly fun. Maggie Barry even. Did we?! Remember that! And a roll-call of passionate bosses who honestly cared deeply about radio, about tapping into the Kiwi psyche and about you, the listener.

"So if you've been one of those listeners to RadioLIVE over the years, thank you so much for your loyalty and to our departing friends as well, go well."