Eminem raps about Ariana Grande concert bombing, killing Reese Witherspoon in 'Kick Off' freestyle

The fatal bombing at Ariana Grande's Manchester Arena concert and fantasising about murdering Reese Witherspoon are just two of the disturbing subjects Eminem covers in his latest freestyle rap, 'Kick Off'.

The infamous rapper, real name Marshall Mathers, dropped the 11-minute "battle rap" over the weekend, telling fans he was "feeling nostalgic" after the release of Bodied, a rap drama series he produced.

Warning: Some of the descriptions of the lyrics in 'Kick Off' below may offend some readers.

In the first verse, Eminem references the 2017 suicide bombing attack that saw 23 people killed at Manchester Arena immediately after an Ariana Grande concert.

"Squashed in-between a brainwashing machine / Like an Islamic regime, a jihadist extreme radical / Suicide bomber that's seeing / Ariana Grande sing her last song of the evening," he raps. 

"And as the audience from the damn concert is leaving / Detonates the device strapped to his abdominal region."

In the following few lines, Eminem references Hamas, making a woman wear a hijab and says "muzzle 'em" about dogs in a way that sounds like "Muslim".

The 'Without Me' hitmaker goes on to target a raft of other celebrities, along with Laci Peterson - a high-profile murder victim who was killed along with her unborn child by her husband in 2002.

One barb in 'Kick Off' is aimed at Justin Bieber and talks about the pop star selling drugs to school children, while the third verse sees Eminem graphically discuss performing a sexual act on "Christina", believed to be Christina Aguilera. 

It's one of many references to undertaking violent sexual acts against women which feature throughout the freestyle. 

Later in the track, the Grammy Award winner raps about beating a "nude Reese Witherspoon" with a broom, until she "lays deceased".

In a voice over intro to the clip, Eminem explains his philosophy on battle rap, which he labels "a war".

"The main objective is to destroy. Completely f**king obliterate your opponent. By saying anything and everything, whatever the f**k you can, to get a reaction from the crowd," he says.

"So nothing's off limits."

The new material, which was recorded at Eminem's "old stomping grounds" in Detroit, has drawn mixed response online.

"Honestly, I'm glad Eminem can still trigger people in 2018, carry on king," one Twitter user wrote.

"If someone, with a straight face, tells you 'Eminem is the greatest lyricist of all time', slap him, he lied to you..." said another.

Earlier this year, Eminem released his surprise tenth studio album Kamikaze. It featured the diss track 'Not Alike,' which kicked off a furious back-and-forth feud with rap rival Machine Gun Kelly.