GiveaLittle page hopes to raise $10,000 for King Homeboy after he donated AM Show winnings

Te Ariki Toki, better known as King Homeboy, is set to receive a fortune for Christmas after giving one away to Kidscan.

On The AM Show last week, the beatboxing champion and street dancer won the 9 in 10 competition and scored a $10,000 voucher at - but immediately gave it to the Kiwi charity that supports underprivileged children.

Now, a GiveaLittle page has been set up for King Homeboy, hoping fellow New Zealanders give him recognition for the kind act.

The charity drive hopes to raise $10,000 for him.

"Any Kiwi who has been around has seen a larger than life character beatboxing outside shops and bars, a man by the name of Te Ariki, aka King Homeboy," writes the GiveaLittle page.

"What a touching gesture with Christmas coming, the Man. $10,000 is a lot of money for many and I'm not sure anyone would have done the same thing, including myself; but that says a lot about this guy.

"This selfless act and show of kindness deserves to be rewarded by all Kiwis."

Video of King Homeboy's act of generosity was widely shared over the weekend. He said he'd had a "really rough background", suffering bullying and abuse for much of his life.

At the time of publishing, the GiveaLittle page had raised just under $1700 from a total of 51 donors.