'He's a national treasure' - Rove McManus gushes over John Campbell bromance

Rove McManus has taken to social media to gush about his friend and fellow broadcaster John Campbell.

The Aussie comedian and TV host posted a snap of the pair grinning ear-to-ear on Twitter, where he dubbed Campbell "a national treasure".

"It's impossible to put into words how much my friendship with @JohnJCampbell means to me - so I'll use emojis instead," he wrote, followed by a stream of smiley faces and love hearts.

Campbell appeared to be equally as enamoured, throwing in a generous number of virtual kisses and the hashtag #themostmagnificentAustraliansincePharLap in his reply.

"It was so good to see you, you gorgeous man," he wrote.

The pair's well-documented bromance has continued to flourish over the years. McManus has spoken of his affection for Campbell often, including in a 2008 Sunday Star Times article.

"He is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've had the privilege of getting to know and calling a friend. I love spending time with him."

Campbell visited his pal in Australia in 2015, prompting a similarly loved-up Facebook post in which McManus declared "I adore you".

In an interview with Newshub in 2016, McManus spoke about how handsome Campbell is.

"His immaculate good looks are just too distracting, for me," he said.

"It's like Medusa or something. I have to look at his reflection, because if I stare at him for too long, I become so rooted in his gorgeousness that I may as well turn to stone."

McManus was in the country after appearing on The Project NZ on Tuesday night.