'I'm gobsmacked': King Homeboy passes on prized possession to Duncan Garner's son

King Homeboy has stunned AM Show host Duncan Garner with his generosity - again.

Champion beatboxer Te Ariki Toki spent a year trying to get onto The AM Show's 9 in 10 competition. When he finally had the opportunity last week, he made the most of it and rattled off 11 New Zealand towns or cities in 10 seconds to win a $10,000 package from 1Day.co.nz.

Then he shocked the nation by announcing he wouldn't keep it - donating the prize to KidsCan to help children in need.

On Friday, The AM Show brought him into the studio to give the "great New Zealander" a few presents of his own, including a Dr Dre Beats music making package, an Apple iPad, and party speaker with a microphone from 1Day.co.nz.

But an emotional Mr Toki turned the tables on his hosts, giving Garner, sports presenter Mark Richardson, newsreader Ingrid Hipkiss and social media presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin gifts of their own.

And he had one special present left - a collection of 1995 Marvel Metal trading cards Mr Toki has had since he was a teenager. This precious prize he donated to Garner's son Buster.

"This is my parting joy and I have had so many years' worth of enjoyment," he said.

When Garner said he couldn't possibly accept his childhood collection, Mr Toki replied: "I have enjoyed [the cards] with as much pleasure, and I am wanting to part with these."

An emotional Garner said he knew how much these cards meant to Mr Toki - and would mean to Buster.

"I am gobsmacked cause I know he will embrace these and love these," Garner replied.

"He loves this sort of thing. He loves his wrestling - this will blow his mind. He won't be able to eat his shared lunch and that's saying something about Buster."