Kiwi rapper Melodownz's international collaboration

An Instagram message was all it took to spark an international collaboration for Kiwi artist Melodownz.

He's teamed up with UK rapper Coops for his latest track and shot the music video on both sides of the world. 

It's a project that all started one night at a friend's house party.

"This song came on and I was like. 'Yo, I'm really digging it,' and I was like, 'Who is this guy, man?' And he was like, 'This guy is called Coops,'" the rapper told Newshub.

Melodownz immediately looked up the UK rapper, and after taking a shine to his music decided to message him on Instagram.

"I was like, 'Yo man, I'm a big fan - I just discovered your music. I'm a local rapper from New Zealand, we should work.'"

Coincidentally Coops had been listening to Melodownz's music around the same time.

"I reach out to so many artists internationally, and out of like 10 people, I probably get like two replies and he was one of the guys who hit me back," Melodownz said.

After a few messages back and forth, they agreed to collaborate, and the track 'Infinite' was born.

Melodownz says collaboration is a huge part of his identity, and because he believes two heads are better than one.

"I guess it just makes it more interesting and like different chemistries," he said.

The music video was shot in west Auckland and London, showcasing the similarities between the two locations.

Melodownz is also using it as a way to break down barriers.

"Every time I drop something it'll be like 'local rapper Melodownz' or like 'local artist', whereas I want to try and break that stigma so it's like, 'rapper Melodownz', or 'international singer'."

Proving that even at the bottom of the world, in his small studio in the bush in Titirangi, Melodownz can make a big impact.


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