Pregnant YouTuber sparks outrage with 'disgusting' miscarriage prank on partner

People are demanding that YouTube remove a video in which a pregnant woman 'pranks' her partner by pretending to have a miscarriage on camera.

The video, titled 'I Had A Miscarriage (Emotional)', was posted by the channel Team VZ in August, but screenshots of the clip have recently gone viral on Twitter.

The clip starts with one half of the YouTube duo, who calls herself Vanessa Lynn, telling the camera she's "scared" about what she's about to do.

"I need you guys to like this video for my bravery," she says. "I think he's gonna be really upset, because he's really excited about this pregnancy."

She then covers herself and the toilet with fake blood, before setting up a hidden camera in the bathroom and waiting to be discovered by her partner, Aspect Zavi.

After arriving on the scene, Zavi desperately assesses the situation before attempting to call for help.

"No! Don't call the doctor," Lynn responds. "If I miscarried, then it's done already."

While comforting his partner on the floor, Zavi tells her: "It makes me very sad, I'm actually like, not processing this fast enough... It's gonna be okay - it's okay."

Eventually, while her partner is out of the room trying to call an Uber, Lynn grabs the camera and then confronts him.

"It's a prank," she laughs. "Is it too soon?" 

Clearly upset, he responds: "You don't play like that, that's our kid... Vanessa. Dude, that's not funny, though.

"You had me scared as hell," he adds, before leaving the house.

The video ends with Lynn admitting she feels bad, but dubbing the prank "a success".

"Let's get this video to, like, 10K. If you think I should keep going, like, the extreme pranks," she finishes.

According to Buzzfeed, the video was "aggressively flagged by community users," many of whom demanded it be pulled from the platform entirely.

Comments on the video have been disabled, but many online commentators took to Twitter to express their disgust.

"Having a miscarriage is one of the most heartbreaking and physically damaging experiences an expectant mother/father can go through. They better delete this," one tweet read.

"Telling her partner that she has miscarried before laughing all about it at the end... f**king disgusting," said another.

Buzzfeed reports that YouTube declined to comment on the controversy, but later replied to a Twitter user advising that they had removed the thumbnail and "age-restricted" the video.

Other videos on Team VZ's YouTube channel are titled 'You're Not The Father Prank' and 'We're Getting An Abortion (Prank)'.

The duo have over 280,000 subscribers, and the miscarriage prank video has been viewed nearly 700,000 times.


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