Sir Peter Jackson eager to make 'disgusting' films again

Sir Peter Jackson would be "very happy" to make another gory horror comedy and reckons if he did, it would be disgusting on a whole new level.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter (THR), the filmmaker talks at length about his upcoming restorations of Bad Taste, Braindead and Meet the Feebles, the splatter movies he made in the late '80s and early '90s.

Sir Peter suggested he, along with long-time partner in life and filmmaking Fran Walsh, would make something particularly gross now, given their experiences since those early movies.

"Oh, I'm very happy to be disgusting again, if the right project comes along," he said.

"It would be interesting to see how disgusting Fran and I could be in our older age compared to our younger years because we've learned a few things since then. We know a little bit more about the world than we did then, so maybe our levels of disgusting could go into whole new places!"

Using the same Weta Digitial technology that brought World War I footage to life in recent documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, those first three films - along with his fourth, Heavenly Creatures - will be remastered in ultra-high-definition 4K.

Peter Jackson's first four film posters - Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Braindead and Heavenly Creatures.
Photo credit: WingNut Films

Sir Peter told THR he's tested it on Braindead and "shit, it looks fantastic". He said Bad Taste is most in need of repair as the original negative became mouldy after he stored it under his bed.

As well as restoring the films, previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage will also be included in the re-releases.

"I've always had video diaries being shot," Sir Peter said.

"So I've got about an hour or two of us shooting Bad Taste, seven or eight hours of us shooting The Feebles, 50 to 60 hours of us filming Braindead, and at least 70 hours of us doing Heavenly Creatures."

Exactly when the restored classics will be released has not yet been revealed.