Violet Beauregarde should've replaced Willy Wonka in Charlie and Chocolate Factory - fan

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was published 54 years ago, but one fan has only now decided its ending was completely wrong.

Tumblr user 'Evayna?' is a so-called "pseudo-intellectual into nerd stuff" who describes herself as "currently famous" for a post declaring that it was Violet Beauregarde, not Charlie Bucket, who deserved to win Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

Despite Evayna admitting she hadn't watched the film adaptation of book in more than a decade and that the post had a typo, it has gone viral and put the end of the famous story into dispute across the internet.

In the Roald Dahl story, Charlie gains ownership of the factory after all other children, including Violet Beauregarde, are ejected from the factory in ways reflecting their negative personality traits.

But Evayna reckons Violet's knowledge about candy, her competitive, business-minded nature and sympathy to Oompa Loompas makes her a perfect fit for the top job.

"Violet was able to switch to candy bars for the sake of the contest, so we know she has personal discipline and is goal oriented.

"She's the most fit to run a business. Violet is competitive, determined, hard working, and willing to take risks. Her father is a small town car salesman and politician, so she could easily pick up knowledge and support from him," the post states.

Evayna also thinks her personality flaw of neglecting social norms and being obsessed with candy is "on brand" for the chocolate factory, as is her tendency to tell everyone what she is thinking.

The writer ends her post by slamming Charlie as a "passive, naive boy" that could never fill the shoes of Willy Wonka. "[Violet's] passionate, sarcastic, candy-obsessed, free thinking and a total firecracker - Violet should've been picked to inherit the chocolate factory."

A passionate sign-off from a hearty fan dividing a massive fan base.

"The Violet Beauregarde theory makes great business sense but wouldn't have been as good a movie," said one Twitter commenter.

But another doesn't think it would work out: "She stole untested food from a guy who clearly has shown little regard for safety. This is not a sign of smart management".