YouTube faces new wave of pervert and paedophile fetish videos

Warning: This article contains disturbing content.

YouTube has been overrun by a new wave of disturbing content, with mothers exploiting their children in videos some have called "fetish porn".

The videos seem innocuous at first, with innocent titles like 'Picnic in The House With My Lovely Daughters On Holiday Weekend'.

But they come with age restrictions and screen warnings reading "this video may be inappropriate for some users".

Why would videos of mothers playing with their children be so shocking? Investigative YouTuber Paymoney Wubby took a hard look - and was horrified by what he saw.

Warning: This video contains disturbing themes.

In multiple videos, the young mothers crouch down and spread their legs, deliberately exposing their underwear to the viewers. Others show women breastfeeding their children in compromising positions.

"You're clearly exploiting your kids," Paymoney Wubby says.

"This is exploitation of children. You are using breastfeeding and single motherhood as an excuse to show your titties."

But they've proven to be very popular with perverts.

"Love the view up your dress between your legs, you are doing a service," one comment reads.

"Love ur panty shots mmmmmm (sic)," another wrote.

The videos have been heavily monetised, intercut with advertisements and with links to fundraising sites. While some channels appear to have been taken down after Paymoney Wubby's exposé, others continue to emerge.

The story has been picked up by well-known Kiwi documentary maker David Farrier, who says it's evidence YouTube's system is "broken".

"In your quest to monetise, you're verifying fetish videos with a tonne of kids in them," he tweeted.

"Millions of views, and if you claim ignorance just look at the comments. Stop profiting from fetish porn that exploits kids."

The controversy comes in the wake of the Elsagate scandal, in which YouTube was overrun with videos showing popular children's characters in bizarrely violent or sexual situations.

It's believed much of the disturbing content was computer-generated to appeal to young viewers by featuring characters like Spiderman and Elsa from Frozen.

YouTube has been contacted for comment.