Azealia Banks could be arrested for racist outburst against Irish - lawyer

Azealia Banks could face arrest after she lashed out in a racist tirade against the Irish, calling them "inbred" and "leprechauns".

The singer was involved in an altercation on her flight from London to Dublin for a show, later complaining on Instagram staff had treated her "like I'm some sort on animal".

"I've worked too hard in my life to be cornered by some ugly Irish bitch. Like these f**king ugly Irish women here," she said in her post.

Then she went further the next day, asking Irish people if they "had a famine to go die in".

"You lot are a bunch of prideful inbred leprechauns who have ZERO global influence and ZERO white privilege. The rest of the world's white folk don't want to associate with you lot at all and it's because you are barbarians," she wrote on Instagram.

"I'm happiest knowing the Irish are quarantined on an isle so they can continue to inbreed and keep their defective genes away from humanity."

But barrister Tomas McGarvey has warned Banks her comments could see her prosecuted.

"Hi #azeliabanks in light of your recent comments on #instagram about Irish women & Irish people generally, perhaps I can introduce you to the #CommunicationsAct2003 (s127) before you land in England," he tweeted.

"If you keep up the insults, you may end up with first-hand experience."

Banks has responded, saying she's "not going to bend to white supremacy" and posting screenshots of the hate she has received.

"If I'm gettin arrested then we will have to go through my DM's and arrest each and every person who said racist things to me, which would mean you'd basically need to arrest the entire country of Ireland," she wrote on Instagram.

"The fact that these people think this should scare me into submission to let people say racist things to me so long as I don't say them back is hilarious."