Baby Shark hits the Billboard top 40

  • 12/01/2019

Every parent's least-favourite song has hit the US Billboard charts.

'Baby Shark' has been around in various guises for more than a decade, but a 2016 recording of the annoyingly catchy toddler's song has been viewed so many times lately, it's reached #32 in the US.

So far Pinkfong's version has been viewed on YouTube almost 2.2 billion times, making it one of the site's most-viewed videos ever.

Billboard says it was streamed 20.8 million times in the past week, almost three-quarters of them video.

Pinkfong says it plans to develop the song into an "entertainment brand what will be enjoyed by generations to come", no doubt pleasing parents everywhere. Or not.

'Baby Shark' hit the NZ Top 40 in September.