Daniel Craig and Idris Elba shaken but not stirred

Idris Elba  and Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes.
Idris Elba and Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes. Photo credit: Twitter

Actor Idris Elba posted a photo to his Twitter account on Monday that has refuelled speculation he could be taking over as the next Bond.

Elba took a selfie with himself and Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes and titled it "Awks," while the the caption said "Er…"

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Craig, who starred in the last four Bond movies, is due to play the role for the final time in the next one, and after that speculation has been rife Elba will take over as the world’s most famous secret agent.

He has helped stoke the fires of that speculation by Tweeting last year "The name’s Elba, Idris Elba."

Fans took to Twitter delighting in the match up with posts such as "You both look shaken not stirred."

Another late contender for the role was also there, Richard Madden, who starred in the hit TV show The Bodyguard, has also been reported as on the radar of producer Barbara Broccoli.