'I was just mortified' - Mai FM newsreader drops F-bomb live on air

Tegan Yorwarth's first week on the job as the Mai Morning Crew's newsreader was going well, until she accidentally swore live on air during her bulletin.

The 22-year-old let the F-word slip just as she was due to begin the news at the top of the hour on Mai FM, having been caught off-guard when she lost her place on the prompter.

"Just as the sweeper played saying 'Mai News,' I clicked out of it by accident," she told Newshub.

"Straight away, as soon as it happened, I saw the red light on my mic. I was just mortified."

The Mai Morning Crew hosts saw the funny side, however - and an opportunity to wind up the newest addition to their team.

"I wouldn't have said the 'F' word!" Nickson Clark replied.

"Paddy Gower, you've got competition, mate!" added Nate Nauer, referencing a well-loved Auckland Law Revue parody video in which Gower yells, "this is the f**king news!"

"The best thing about the Mai FM guys is they love to roast you, so this is just another thing for them to roast me about," Yorwarth said.

As for the video of her gaffe now doing the rounds on the internet, the up-and-coming broadcaster said she saw it coming a mile away.

"They didn't even have to tell me [it would go online], I just knew," she said.

Friends and family have just laughed at Yorwarth's blunder, but she's yet to find out what her new boss, DJ Sir-Vere, thinks of the colourful language. 

"I haven't heard anything from Sir-Vere yet, I'll be waiting and watching my emails," she said.