Kendall Jenner bitterly jealous of sister Kylie's money - report

Reality TV sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are said to be in each other's bad books over how much money they each have.

Kylie, the younger of the two at 21, is said to be worth US$900 million, while Kendall - 23 - has a reported net worth of US$50 million.

Gossip website Radar Online reports that the wealth inequality is tearing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars apart.

"Kendall figures it's crazy how much Kylie's worth, while she's only got a fraction of that [approximately US$50 million] in the bank herself," an unnamed source told the publication.

"There's so much envy between these two, it's as though they're not happy when the other's doing well... Kylie really rubs it in and it's been a big issue lately, because Kendall's on the ascendency with her modeling. And that's gotten Kylie looking over her shoulder."

Kendall and Kylie were both born into a famously wealthy family.

In 2018, Forbes faced criticism for labelling Kylie a "self-made" millionaire. Her sister Kim Kardashian leapt to her defence, saying every member of the Kardashian clan is "self-made".

"She is 'self-made' - we are all 'self-made'. What, because we came from a family that has had success? To me, that doesn't really make sense," the wife of Kanye West told Refinery29.

"Me, Kylie, not one [of the siblings] has ever depended on our parents for anything besides advice.

"We might have the opportunity, but I've seen it go the complete opposite way. Nobody works harder than my sisters and my mom."