Lady Gaga reacts to '100 people in the room' roast in Golden Globes opening

Cameras were quick to cut to Lady Gaga during the 2019 Golden Globes ceremony opening as she was roasted by the hosts.

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh took aim at the pop star for a particular quote she frequently used while doing press for her big screen debut, A Star Is Born.

"I'm just coming up with this now," Oh said during her opening speech.

"There can be 100 people in the room, and 99 don't believe in you, and you just need one to believe in you, and that was Bradley Cooper."

The gag referenced a line that Lady Gaga appeared to use in almost every interview promoting the movie, spawning a raft of memes and video compilations.

The 'Born This Way' singer appeared to take the jab in her stride, laughing and yelling out "it's true!" from her seat next to her co-star and director Cooper.

Lady Gaga later made an emotional appearance on stage when the lead track from A Star Is Born, 'Shallow', won the award for Best Original Song.