'Most savage' Family Guy episode depicts Trump sexually assaulting Meg

An episode of Family Guy which targeted President Donald Trump and highlighted his comments about assaulting women has divided audiences.

'Trump Guy' follows the Griffin family's shenanigans in the White House after main character Peter is appointed Trump's press secretary.

In one scene, Peter's daughter Meg is introduced to the US President in the Oval Office, where it's implied he gropes her, albeit just out of frame.

The gag references Trump's infamous "grab her by the p***y" remark, in which he was caught on tape talking about his interactions with women as a celebrity.

Later in the episode, Meg attempts to tell her parents about the incident, prompting her mother Lois to reply: "Meg, you expect us to believe that the president of the United States would grab a woman by her [censored word]? That's ridiculous."

The feature episode has divided audiences, with many viewers praising the show for tackling the scandals that have dogged Trump's presidency.

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but tonight's Donald Trump ep of #FamilyGuy was not only the best FG ever but the funniest, most SAVAGE, most on-point episode of a comedy I've seen since November 2016," one fan tweeted.

"NO ONE in that grifter family was spared. Bravo, Seth MacFarlane!!" they continued, praising the show's creator.

Not everyone was as amused by the political satire, however.

"Family Guy is a low class humor show. That is part of its charm and why I watch it. But this Trump episode is just a liberal whine fest with disgusting jokes about Ivanka and her dad. It's pathetic," one disgruntled viewer wrote.

Another dubbed the episode a "dumpster fire" that exposed the "Trump Derangment Syndrome in Hollywood".

President Trump has yet to publicly address the content of the episode.