Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones roasted for 'anti-trans rant'

  • 07/01/2019

Former Pussycat Dolls star Kaya Jones is being criticised online after attacking gender-neutral toilets, claiming to be a "true warrior for my gender".

The outspoken Donald Trump supporter and contributor to far-right fake news source InfoWars.com says unisex toilets put children - particularly girls - at risk.

Jones kicked off the controversy with a tweet asking how people would feel about their children using a gender-neutral restroom.

Later, citing no evidence to support the claims, she said rapists and pedophiles were waiting in gender neutral bathrooms to prey on vulnerable women and children.

Jones made headlines in 2017 for claiming the Pussycat Dolls wasn't a musical act but actually a prostitute ring, and that she may be killed for making the accusation.

She's started 2019 making headlines with her gender-neutral toilet remarks, which have seen her get roasted in its responses, including from celebrities.

Transgender author Juno Dawson asked if Jones had ever used a toilet on a plane - which have always generally been unisex.

Actor John Leguizamo responded with a fiery message, accusing Jones -and her children - of homophobia.

"[I'd feel] perfectly fine [about my children using gender neutral toilets]," he said.

"But would not feel fine about your homophobic children near any of mine for fear your hate is contagious like an incurable disease!"

Jones has fired back with a series of tweets at those calling her out on what gaystarnews.com calls an "anti-trans rant".  She argues she's fighting for the safety of her gender, and insists she cannot be transphobic because her mother is Jamaican and one of her cousins is gay.

"I am a true warrior for my gender," she tweeted.

"I don't want anyone telling me as a woman who can come into my bathroom. I don't want men in my bathroom. It makes me very uncomfortable.

"Why is it controversial to say I don't think women and men should share a public bathroom? Just curious. And how did we go from separate toilets to shared ones?

"By the way my mother is Jamaican who's half-black and my cousin is gay. I've spoken out for gay rights for years. Reaching much?"