R Kelly's daughter dubs him a 'monster', addresses sex abuse allegations

Controversial rapper R Kelly's daughter Buku Abi has taken to Instagram to speak out about her father's sex abuse accusations.

The 'Ignition' hitmaker has a long history of sex crime allegations from multiple women and young girls, which he continues to deny.

In 2008, he was charged with 14 counts of making child pornography, but was not convicted.

"To the people that feel I should be speaking up/against everything that is going on right now, I just want you all to understand that devastated is an understatement for all that I feel currently," Abi wrote on her Instagram story.

"I pray for all the families and women who have been affected by my father's actions. Trust, I have been deeply affected by all of this."

The 20-year-old singer explained that she did not have a relationship with Kelly, but was finding it difficult to process the situation.

"Unfortunately, for my own personal reasonings and for all my family has endured in regards to him, his life decisions and his last name, it has been years since my siblings and I have seen or have spoken to him," she said.

Abi was adamant that she, her mother and siblings had no part in any of her father's negative actions.

"The same monster you all confronting me about is my father," she continued.

"I am well aware of who and what he is. I grew up in that house. My choice to not speak on him and what he does is for my peace of mind.

"I just want everyone to know that I do care and I love you all... This is a very difficult subject to speak on."

Lady Gaga also spoke out about Kelly on social media, issuing a statement in which she apologised for recording the song 'Do What U Want' with him in 2013.