Mary Queen of Scots review

Two Oscar-nominated actors lead the charge in a new movie about Mary, Queen of Scots, aptly called, Mary, Queen of Scots.

It feels like just the right time to portray these two powerful historical figures.

Elizabeth I, Queen of England, is played by Margot Robbie, while Saoirse Ronan depicts the woman who would deem to try and overthrow her, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

This cinematic version of history kicks off proper with Mary's arrival back from France to ascend the throne of Scotland and the already fractious relationship between Scotland and England is fuelled by Mary's claim to Elizabeth's crown.

Their jostle for power is at the heart of the story told as one of high regard and mutual respect, infused with political posturing and plotting, forced marriages, infidelities and infertility.

I do love a good royal romp and the notion of a cinematic faceoff between these two fierce and feuding Queens has enormous appeal - especially with Ronan and Robbie suiting up for proceedings.

And I guess I just wanted more.

Look I hate to sound high-maintenance as the performances here - particularly from these stellar leading ladies - really are noteworthy, but is it too much to ask for a little more raw excitement and drama from Mary, Queen of Scots?

Goodish... just not great. 

Three stars.