'That's so terrible' - Snoop Dogg's heartfelt message for US government workers

Snoop Dogg has published an emotionally charged video message to the US federal government workers currently going without pay.

He's urging them to remember this when it's election time.

Around 800,000 employees are furloughed as president Donald Trump demands US$5 billion for a wall along the country's southern border - one of his major campaign promises, which he vowed Mexico would pay for.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host claimed ownership of the government shutdown before it happened - but has since blamed political opponents, who refuse to approve funding for what they call a wasteful gesture.

In an expletive-filled monologue, the 'Gin & Juice' hitmaker instructs those not being paid to vote for whoever opposes Trump in the 2020 US presidential election.

"All you federal government people that's not being paid, that's being treated f**king unfairly right now - that's so terrible," says Snoop.

"Ya'll are honest, blue-collar, hardworking people, and you're suffering... When the shit gets back on and ya'll get your jobs back and it's time to vote - don't vote for that n**ger, please. Look what he do - he just don't give a f**k."

Snoop has made no secret of his feelings about the current US president. He executed a clown caricature of the real estate tycoon in a music video, featured a depiction of his corpse on an album cover and has slammed him in several social media videos.

"This punk mother**ker don't care... if he don't care about ya'll, he really don't give a f**k about us," says Snoop in his message to furloughed government workers.

"So f**k him, too. And f**k everybody down with Donald Trump... If ya'll do vote for him again, ya'll some stupid mother**kers."

The shutdown has no end in sight, as neither Trump nor his Democratic opponents in power are willing to give in to the other.

Meanwhile, Mexico has consistently refused to pay for Trump's wall, despite his frequent promises the nation would.