'There's no rules anymore' - Florence Welch talks the future of her music

The songstress will play two shows in Auckland as vocalist for Florence + the Machine.
The songstress will play two shows in Auckland as vocalist for Florence + the Machine. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Her powerful vocals have guided Florence + the Machine to phenomenal success, and as the band prepare to perform in New Zealand, Florence Welch has opened up about the future of her music.

As the way fans keep up to date with artists evolves, Welch revealed changing times come with new opportunities.

"Things are more fast-paced and for better or worse, that is kind of how streaming is but it does allow you a certain element of freedom in that way because if you have a song you like, it's like we'll just put it out," she said. 

"No one cares if it comes really near a record anymore because there is no such thing as near a record anymore."

Welch explained she would like to incorporate more electronics into future music and is celebrating sharing her talents with fans on her current tour." 

"I really actually love dance music and electronic music. I don't know if I would make a dance record, but I'm getting interested in old synth sounds."

At each show, the starlet revealed that she sees fans with their "hearts on the floor". 

"It's a really beautiful thing so in that sense I'm looking forward to keeping playing this year. I think maybe with this record, 'cause I made myself more vulnerable, I think people feel freer to be more vulnerable themselves as well. 

"I think it's all about connecting with people and encouraging people to come together with love. It feels really special. I mean it seems like small things, but when you can see a couple of thousand people all turn and hug a stranger and tell them that they love them." 

Ahead of her two Auckland shows Welch premiered the indie rock group's latest tracks on Friday, offering insight into her creative processes and how the songs came to life. 

While unveiling her two new releases 'Moderation' and 'Haunted House' on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio show to New Zealand-born host Zane Lowe, Welch said both songs were penned while putting together her fourth album High As Hope but it didn't feel right to release them early. 

"It was one of those instant songs, but it just didn't fit with the themes of the record, because I knew I wasn't making a relationship record. And actually, the song was kind of about my frustrations maybe with myself, to do with love, and I just knew I wasn't going there on High As Hope." 

The vocalist said she felt like it was a piece she wanted to perform live at some stage and seeing as "there's no rules anymore" felt comfortable in leaving it off the record to come back to. 

The song was inspired by a childhood memory from church, and plays with the feeling of being "too much."

Welch will first perform at St. Jerome's Laneway Festival in Albert Park on Monday, January 28, before taking the stage for her Spark Arena show on Wednesday, January 30.