Video: US journalist attacked in terrifying Facebook live stream

This is the moment a TV journalist was attacked during a live cross.

KRCR Channel 7 reporter Meaghan Mackey was doing a Facebook livestream on Sunday (local time) when the shocking incident occurred.

As she stood in front of a police car and prepared to give an update on a "mass overdose", she said she was about to show her audience "what the scene here is like".

Ms Mackey then picked up her camera and walked closer to the scene before she was confronted by an angry woman.

"This is disrespectful, do you understand that?" the woman said.

"It's f**king disrespectful bitch - get the f**k out of here."

The sound of a struggle could then be heard and the camera fell to the ground.

Ms Mackey said afterwards she was shaken up but "will not live in fear" while doing her job.

"I was doing my job," she tweeted.

"I value the freedom of the press and will continue to report on the truth and inform the public even during times of tragedy."