Ariana Grande offered $2m to remove botched tattoo

Ariana Grande might not be able to spell, but she could be about to make bank off her bizarre BBQ grill tattoo.

In another twist to the saga, she has been offered a massive sum to remove the ink.

The 'Thank U, Next' hitmaker first made news after she tried to get a Japanese tattoo on her palm to commemorate her new single, '7 Rings'.

Unfortunately the meaning got lost in translation, and it actually ended up reading: 'shichirin', which means 'small charcoal BBQ grill'.

Then she tried to correct the mistake - and actually managed to make it worse by adding the kanji for the word "finger". Her tattoo now reads: "Small charcoal grill, finger" followed by a heart.

Now TMZ reports LaserAway - a company specialising in hair and tattoo removal - has offered her free laser removal of the tattoo and a paid role as a LaserAway spokesperson.

Sources told TMZ the deal is worth at least US$1.5 million (NZ$2.18m).

"We know Ariana Grande has been 'grilled' over the meaning of her new tattoo," a screenshot of their offer reads.

"Luckily mistakes can be lasered away by one of our trained clinicians, so that she can start fresh with that 7 rings tattoo she intended.

"Thank u, next tiny barbecue grill," the letter concludes.

But it seems the singer isn't a fan of the deal. She's tweeted a message to TMZ with an offer of her own.

"I'll give y'all a million to get off my nuts," she posted to Twitter.