'Did we just make out?' - Up close and personal with world-famous illusionist Cosentino

I'm on the rooftop of the Newshub carpark with Australia's most successful illusionist and escapist, Cosentino, and I'm blissfully unaware of what's in store for me.

Looking like the love child of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow and a rare exotic bird, Cosentino certainly brings with him an air of mystique worthy of a magician.

He's recently appeared in a Jackie Chan movie, has wowed audiences on streets and stages all over the globe, and even wears special custom-made card holsters.

It's a vibe.

While many a small child might dream of growing up to be a magician, Cosentino made it a reality after getting locked out of his house with his mum as a kid.

"My mother and I were outside, we got locked out, and I was learning how to pick locks, and I'd studied, and I managed to open the door," he explained.

"When I heard that inevitable 'click', there was this rush that came over me. It's kind of like power, like if you can open locks...what else can you do?"

Thankfully, Cosentino rejected the other career paths open to him - criminal and/or locksmith - and made it his business to drop jaws the world over instead.

His shows include death-defying escapes, mind-boggling illusions and something I later dubbed "make-out magic" in a fit of hysteria after becoming part of the act.

Check out the video to find out what on earth I'm talking about.

Cosentino's series The Elements airs Saturdays at 5pm on Three.