Flavor Flav tricked into tribute for sex abuser Cardinal George Pell

Flavor Flav has been tricked into giving a shout-out to convicted child sex abuser Cardinal George Pell.

The former treasurer of the Catholic Church was found guilty of five charges of sexual assault in December 2018, but it was only made public on Tuesday.

Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav, real name William Drayton Jr, appeared unaware of this when he made a shout-out video for Pell on Thursday (NZ time).

The video appeared on social media site Cameo, where fans of celebrities can pay money for videos where the celebrity speaks to them.

Flavor Flav thanks a man by the name of "Tristan" many times in his video, possibly the person behind the prank.

But most of his attention is on Pell.

"This message goes out to George Pell," he said. "I just gotta say: happy retirement, my man, you know what I'm saying, for real."

"Not only that, [but] you know what - I know you ran the boys choir man. You know what I'm saying. All of the boys on the choir respected you, you know what I'm saying, they collected you, my man."

Pell is currently at the maximum security Melbourne Assessment Prison.

He was convicted of five sexual offences committed against two 13-year-old choir boys 22 years earlier in the priests' sacristy of St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne, where Pell was archbishop. One of the two victims died in 2014.

He is the most senior Catholic clergyman worldwide to be convicted for child sex offences.