Furious Married At First Sight Australia wife Lizzie confronts husband's mistress Ines

Scorned Married At First Sight Australia bride Elizabeth Sobinoff has confronted fellow participant Ines Basic about cheating with her husband Sam Ball in a furious rant.

Lizzie unleashed on Ines after being told Sam had been spending time with her in a sauna while she was away.

"Ines!" she yelled across the bar, where the participants were enjoying a girl's night out.

"Did you hook up with Sam in the sauna?"

"Why don't you come here and say it me, instead of screaming," Ines replied.

"Baby, I can come," Lizzie countered, striding over angrily.

Despite her repeated attempts to get the truth, Lizzie remained none-the-wiser about the affair her husband has been conducting with Ines, which culminated in the pair spending the previous night together. 

"Be a civil, decent human being," Ines told Lizzie.

"I think this is actually your problem."

Having been away for a week due to an illness, Lizzie shocked husband Sam when she arrived back in their shared apartment not long after Ines had left.