Hugh Jackman roasts Duncan Garner after he misses interview

Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman has roasted Duncan Garner after The AM Show Host completely missed his interview with the actor.

On Wednesday, Jackman jetted into town to announce his September tour - The Man. The Music. The Show.

After a spine-tingling performance with the Oceanian Voices choir at the Auckland University of Technology's (AUT) South Campus, Jackman was set to sit down with The AM Show's Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies, and Mark Richardson.

While Gillies and Richardson arrived to the university on time, Garner overlooked an important detail that caused him to miss the entire interview - which university it would take place at.

On Thursday, Garner admitted his big mistake to New Zealand.

"I've been a bad boy," he said. "We got to go out to South Auckland, out to Manukau, to the local polytechnic out there where he is waiting for us. 12:30 is the interview, be there at 12, they said".

"I pull into the car park of the polytech at 12, and I am thinking 'there is a distinct lack of activity for a Hugh Jackman type affair'."

After realising the interview was taking place at AUT, rather than the Manukau Institute of Technology, he gave Gillies a call.

"I get this panicked call... 'Hi, hi, I am at MIT, I am locked in a car park, I don't know what to do, I don't how to get out, oh someone is going out, I am just going to follow them out... I am just not going to make it," she said.

Gillies and Richardson had to explain to the superstar actor what had happened, leading to a roast of Garner by Jackman.

"That is hilarious... Duncan you really got to come up with a better excuse than going to the wrong university. Locked in a car? What was it? Forgot his homework, come on.

"Oh stuck in traffic? That old chestnut."

Garner's co-hosts also joined in, with Gillies saying he was probably lost at a kindergarten and Richardson questioning if Garner knew what a university looked like.

Garner admitted on Thursday that he definitely would never live that mistake down.