'It's given me nightmares': Kylie Jenner's 'excessive' birthday party for 1yo Stormi divides fans

One thing about the Kardashians is that if they're going to do something, they'll do it big.

This time they've gone really, really big for Kylie Jenner's daughter's first birthday, hosting a festival-carnival-party for baby Stormi in a huge space that featured a gigantic, life-like version of the infant's face.

Making the sight of Stormi's face even creepier was the fact that guests had to enter the party through her mouth, in a fashion akin to Sydney's Luna Park.

The event was titled Stormiworld, a play on her father Travis Scott's 2018 album Astroworld - and it's split users who are arguing whether the party was simply "extra", or genuinely scary.

Upon walking through Stormi's mouth, guests entered what appeared to be a massive warehouse featuring a carousel, shelves of giant teddy bears, a huge slide and 'Baby Shark'.

DJ Khaled was present, and gifted one-year-old Stormi a Chanel handbag.

Social media users appeared to be split on whether they liked the party, or thought it was scary and too extravagant.

"Is it just me or Stormiworld looks kinda scary," wrote Twitter user @h_sweets_ali.

"Don't get me wrong the 1 year olds bday looks mad but those cut outs n that balloon entrance has given me nightmares (sic)," said @annaplatten.

However others were supportive of the party, saying it inspired them as parents-to-be.