Ja Rule hints he's planning a new Fyre Festival

Ja Rule has hinted that he's considering setting up a new music festival, after the last one he was involved with turned into a disaster.

The rapper, real name Jeffery Atkins, was involved in the planning for the now infamous Fyre Festival, which led to thousands of upset influencers stranded in the Bahamas.

None of the celebrities who promoted Fyre Festival on social media turned up, and festival-goers were left to eat pre-packaged sandwiches and stay in half-constructed emergency tents instead of the gourmet catering and luxury accommodation promised.

Ja Rule's partner and Fyre CEO Billy McFarland is currently serving time in prison for his role in the disaster, but the rapper was not charged with any crimes.

He's now told TMZ he's working on a new app called Iconn, which is similar to the Fyre App that spawned the disastrous festival.

"It is kind of similar to what the [Fyre] app was, but you have to understand the app was separate from the festival," Ja Rule told TMZ.

"Different teams working on the app than the festival and the whole nine."

He's now considering taking the same route to promote the app though, suggesting like Fyre, he could make a festival for Iconn.

"[Fyre] is the most iconic festival that never was... I have plans to create the Iconic music festival, but you didn't hear it from me."